Smitty McGee’s House Special Wings

Smitty McGee’s House Special Wings 10/10.99, 20/21.99, 50/53.99 Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Nuclear, Inferno, Old Bay, Honey BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Naked, Key West – sweet and spicy with garlic and island seasonings-addictive! Our wings are hot & spicy! No refunds!

Crab Tots

Crab Tots 11.99 Crunchy tater tots smothered in Crab Dip and a melted blend Cheddar Jack cheeses

Crab Pretzel

Crab Pretzel 10.99 Topped with our delicious Crab Dip smothered in a blend of Cheddar Jack cheeses

Loaded Tots

Loaded Tots 9.99 Crunchy tater tots topped with Cheddar Jack cheeses, bacon, and fresh chives

Ritzy Mac & Cheese

Ritzy Mac & Cheese 7.99 Creamy, cheesy macaroni topped with buttery crumbled Ritz crackers and baked until bubbly and golden brown

Garlic Crab Toast

Garlic Crab Toast 9.99 Garlic bread topped with Smitty McGee’s awesome Crab Dip and smothered in Cheddar Jack cheeses